Monday, December 17, 2018

Merry Christmas!

We wait anxiously for Christmas time around here! It's like the song says :  🎶 " It's the most wonderful time of the year." I am almost done with the preparations and now only need to make a couple of dishes that freezes well so we can take them with us to my mother in law's house.
December early mornings in here are so quiet with colorful horizons.
 Making something to donate to church when done. I will make another v-stitch small blanket with red heart yarn.
 I know Ellie is too young for this but I couldn't resist and got The Secret Garden illustrated by Inga Moore.
 Made some kombucha and also sweet rice for breakfast.
The Christmas tree is up but since I decided to go with all white ornaments this year I don't have a nice star or angel for the tree top that is white. Plan to get one before Christmas. I promised myself not to overfill the tree with ornaments. I do have a fake tree, it seems to discourage the cats from hiding behind the branches. We used to get real trees when our kids were little but now a days it's just me and husband around here. Our son will be here for Christmas!!
 Only the small packages are allowed under the tree.
 Another shawl like the one I made this Summer. This one has earthy Fall colors. Lions Mandala. Crochet needle G6 - 4.25MM
 A few things for pre Christmas fun. I love this fruit! My mom used to remove the seeds, place the pulp in the blender with cold water and some sugar and make a delicious refreshing juice. It's Sour Sop in English, Chirimoya (Spanish), Graviola in Portuguese. It's also eaten plain after it was nice and chilled in the refrigerator for a few minutes. We found it at an Asian store.

 An early Christmas gift, alpaca cloud fingering from Knit Picks.
 At night it's nice to see the light that comes from the tree. I got to use the ornaments my daughter got from a church when they visited Greece.
A lady from our church has lots of lights that looked pretty nice against the black night.
Christmas program at our church.
 The devotional book was given to me as a gift.
Santa already got to Singapore!! Ellie had to take a good look at his face to make sure he was the real deal!! My daughter told me that all the hair, beard and mustache are all his own and real! Fantastic!

Wishing each one of you a peaceful Christmas time! May you experience tranquility, silence and lots of Joy!