Saturday, July 11, 2020


It's July and the numbers of Covid is now increasing in the State of  ND. :(
Oh dear Lord I pray for your creation in this planet.  Romans 12:12 . Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
Sunny and temps are mild around here.
I cook, clean, do gardening, read, make crochet and some sewing. I used some time to learn more about Leonard Cohen, Grandma Moses and Hannah Hauxwell. I have always wanted to learn more about grandma Moses and Leonard Cohen is just something that came to mind a few days ago since people that I know were talking about him and I knew nothing about him.
I have been getting spam comments that I have to remove all the time so there might came a time when I will not blog any more because it's annoying. I blog mainly to have it as a journal .  What would I expect of a free blog, right? I am just not willing to pay for a spot to blog.  Therefore we will see how long my patience goes with spam. Meanwhile I hope you're all fine and keeping safe. May the Lord bless you!

 Our son made this pizza, it's a dough that rested a day outside in the counter and then 2 days in the refrigerator. He used fresh mozzarella and we had our own basil from the garden.
 We have lots of lovely fresh vegetables like this from our vegetable garden.
 It's not a proper Summer if we don't have a few Caprese Salad.

This was an incredible lady! I also saw a few youtube videos about her.  Link

 Ragu recipe by Donal Skehan.

Please continue to use masks and keep social distance. Go out only when extremely necessary. My husband has a friend in the hospital with Covid. I had been following the story of Nick Cordero and was so sad when he died a few days ago. There is so much sadness out there my friends, please don't contribute to that.
2 Kings 20:5   “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.”


  1. Hello Angela. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of your life during recent days. Also the scriptures and wise words. I have my blog setting on moderation so at least I can delete spam. I do hope that you continue with your blog journal in words and photos. May the Lord bless you and your loved ones, Linda (a rich tapestry blog).

    1. I will see if I can place the comments on moderation. It's a good thing to have this blog for it forces me to learn a few new things which is good for my old brain. Thank you Linda for your encouraging words! Thank you!!

    2. I hope you manage to change your settings to modification Angela as it would be a help in filtering out unwanted nuisance spam that would otherwise come direct onto your blog, Linda (a rich tapestry blog).

  2. Such beautiful images Angela.

    The pizza looks delicious!

    Take care. Stay safe.

  3. I too moderate comments on my blog. I hope you won’t stop blogging, Angela.

    I’ve watched YouTube videos about Hannah and enjoyed them very much.

    Stay safe. XXX

  4. I have moderation of comments turned on. I do the same as far as having my blog as a journal and I hope you continue to do so. I wanted to answer to your comment on my blog about the window film. It is so easy to put on. I cleaned windows well and then hit the window with plenty of water like the information said and then rubbed on. They are very easy to remove and I will to probably change out the design but I will label and keep the ones that I take down. Does not hurt the window at all.
    A good looking pizza your son made. Romans 12:12, how so true it is especially in these trying times.

  5. Angela, I do hope you are able to change settings and filter out spam messages. I sure would miss your updates and kind words. Your pizza and blueberry pie look delicious! And your garden is coming along so nicely - just gorgeous flowers you have here. Take care and stay safe.

  6. Precious Angela ,i am sorry about false comments that made you annoyed ,it keep happened to me in past for while until i enabled moderation so please don't leave your friends just because of some stupid's stupidity !

    i love peaking in your world through your journal and i absolutely love your depth of faith and warmth of love you have for him and humanity !
    your way of sharing is wonderful and inspiring
    pizza made by your son looks delicious :) he seems great cook ,other food looks great too

    your prayer are healer indeed , i strongly believe in prayers and i think they keep me closer to lord and calm
    thank you for enlightening my day with gorgeous flowers :)
    your knitting is lovely and i loved white wool pattern :)

    i am sorry that numbers of covid patients is increasing there ,i agree that we should never avoid cautions ,may Lord save all of us from this ,amen!

  7. i forgot to mention that i loved this bird feeder moor ,so wisely made so birds can eat peacefully :)

  8. Angela, It is really scary out there. I get it. NY was terrible and while it's a bit better here now, I'm afraid it won't last. I do hope it does and that your numbers go down quickly. Be safe my friend and thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.

  9. The junk comments are a Blogger problem. Someday I will switch to Wordpress, but for now I just delete them.
    That pizza looks so yummy! Our yard in 100% shade, so no veggies growing here.
    I adore Leonard Cohen. He was an Orthodox Jew for his entire life, and there is a lot Jewish imagery in his lyrics.

  10. The bird feeder is fantastic. Love it!!!!

  11. Such wonderful photographs you have shared, I do like the look of your Caprese Salad, always a summer delight.

    I do hope you keep blogging.
    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan