Thursday, February 6, 2020

February 2020

The trip to Brazil was uneventful. The weather here was great when we got back which helped since we still had a few hours drive from Chicago home. I pray for blessings during this month however I pray first that I may be a blessing to others during this month.

In the interior of the state first.
Facade of a very old house, they want to sell it. This house was built in the 1950's. It will be demolished and this photo is going to be the only thing left as a memory of days gone by.
Facade of a very old building downtown. One of the last ones of it's time left intact. There isn't any restoration or preservation going on that I heard of.
Grain market
Fruit market

On the way to the animal market

The aroma of the ripe fruits was delicious. I got a very big passion fruit (in the center.)
Saint Joseph's Cathedral's undergoing repairs and re-modeling inside.
They keep going with the repairs and remodeling.

Time for coffee.

 Brazilian cat.
 Small town in the interior
 In the capital of the state, we went to a big shopping center with 8 levels to go up and down for those who have time and energy.

 From this balcony we enjoyed a nice view of the ocean. Nice breeze.

We walked here for exercise in the morning.
Making's still Winter around here.

Peace and love!


  1. It was sunny and warm there, no cold and no snow:) We have really winter now. Have a nice February to you!

  2. Ahhh...looks relaxing. The markets look wonderful. Lots of time for comfort foods yet!

  3. Wau! Such marvellous summer photos! The weather there is just opposite to Finland.
    Have a blessed weekend! <3

  4. Those are the most gigantic pineapples I haver ever seen!


  6. Beautiful photos. The beach and coconut trees remind me of my home country. 😊

  7. Wow...these photos are lovely. It's dark, windy and snowy here today. Those photos of the markets made me smile..especially the animal market. Thank you for sharing your trip with us today. I needed it. 🙂

  8. It's always interesting to see the sights of another place that's so different from my UK home country.There looks like an abundance of fruit and vegetables in the market and the beaches and shady palms look inviting. It's a shame that old houses are being demolished and there must be a reason that they're not being saved. Every blessing as you experience February days.

  9. I like the photos of the market. House of worship with the stained glass, very nice.
    Your fresh ingredients for soup looks so good. I wish we could have some winter here. I wish we could get snow.
    Did you find any shells or sea glass? I love combing for that. Pretty except fro those towering buildings. I never liked the looks of those. Kind of takes away from the landscape with the design but that's just me.

  10. how nice you had such lovely trip dear Angela

    i share your pray for being kind and helpful for others around me !!!

    i absolutely enjoyed the images you shared ,nicely captured indeed,now i know the Brazil through your perspective :)

    loved all though but your choice for walk ans trees within fields are my favorite
    shopping mall is charmingly decorated ,loved the bluish embellishment ,so eye catching
    wishing you blessed serene days ahead my dear friend!
    blessing and hugs!

  11. It looks like you had nice weather for your trip, dear Angela! So nice to see that amazing fruit market and the beautiful beaches and towns. That is an amazing mall - it would be hard for me to decide what to buy in such a large place! Too bad about the old building being torn down - they are tearing down a magnificent old church near me because it would cost millions to repair. It makes me so sad.....My first church as a child was called St. Joseph. Lovely stained glass. Hope you had a wonderful time. Love your blessings. Hope you are recovered from your travels. Sending hugs xo Karen

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  13. Beautiful weather and a great trip Angela, loved your photo skills dear! And no this doesn't look uneventful at all, maybe from a tourist perspective you might have felt so, but in true sense, life is all about the off beat places and the not so glittery things to do as well isn't it? Have a great weekend, keep exploring and keep sharing these awesome experiences.

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