Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Summer is going fine and busy! I continue to work on my crochet projects whenever I can. I still reading The Lost Flower Children. Making easy recipes for Summer. Got some easy reading books for E. to use in the near future.

Red potato salad that someone had in facebook. It's made for tonight but I tasted it and tastes great.
Lemon Lima beans recipe.  I added extra lemon juice.

 Tea from India given to me by son-in-law who traveled to India for work
 Cotton wood tree has been letting it's wool fly around and it's annoying because it attaches itself to every flower or vegetable plants in the garden.
 I gathered 5 different types of grasses here and made a bouquet.
 close out of prairie grass

 Bouquet of 5 different grasses
 Our impatience is doing well potted, I have a few more that aren't doing as well as this pot.
The table runner was hand embroidered in Linen by a friend in Brazil years ago.

 These Hostas were planted here by the person who used to live here...they are blooming well.
 African daises. A friend gave a small plant and now it's big and I will need to check and see when to dived them since they spread.
These are blooming nicely this year
From the backyard looking to towards the park

Lazagna and this time made with some chard between layers instead of spinach like I usually do.

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)



  1. Angela,
    So nice to see all the lovely moments of summer at your home!
    Your nature is amazing, and I love the bouquet you made.
    We are enjoying summer meals here as well. Tonight will be hot dogs!
    I hope you continue to savor these blessed summer days, my friend!

  2. I love your grass bouquet!And seeing your flowers. So many are already passed here in GA.I had to replant zinnias so they are just now about to bloom. I may have them until October! I am rereading Persuasion.Google changed zinnia to zombie! Haha! Glad I proofread! What in the world would you have thought!

  3. The food looks delicious. And I love the arrangement of grasses. I would never think to do one like that!

  4. I too love the grass bouquet.
    Is that the cotton wood tree in your backyard ( the tall tree?)

    1. Those that are in the center are the the ones that produce all those cotton. It was particularly fertile this year.

  5. Oh how lovely to share these beautiful grass bouquets dear Angela :)
    i absolutely loved them ,one or two of them were used to make broom by housewives in villages many years ago

    your salad looks inviting , surroundings of your house are GORGEOUS

    loved the flowers sooo much

    hope you liked Asian tea gifted by your son in law :)
    yummy food ,i wonder what the white one is ?

    best of luck for your crochet and serene summer readings!
    yes each bit of nature reveals HIS LOVE FOR US ,i wish we can find time to notice it
    more blessings!

  6. Love the grass bouquet.. it looks stunning!

  7. Your grass bouquet is so beautiful but so are your flowers, too.
    Have a blessed day and weekend, Angela! <3

  8. A lovely arrangement of grasses set out on a beautiful table runner reminding you of your friend's handiwork with embroidery. You have a garden with many sweet flowers, mature trees and a wonderful view. A blessing. Enjoy your Summer days.

  9. Beautiful grass bouquets. Beautiful tray of lasagna and sounds so good.
    Happy Birthday

  10. Ohh cuántas flores bonitas!!!!!! Que tengas una feliz semana

  11. Thank you for your visit and taking time to comment!